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Manners at mealtimes

Toddlers’ mealtimes can get pretty messy, especially when they are spitting, throwing and squashing their food, all whilst eating with their mouths open. Research indicates that children should be able to understand good manners by the time they are five … Read more »

Weekly Newsletter & Menu

Dear Parents & Carers, We hope you are enjoying your weekend. Kindly find attached this week’s newsletter and menu. Weekly Newsletter – 24th August, 2015 Menu – 2 Kind regards, The Banana Moon Team

Bedtime routines

Sleep is vital to young children’s development, so it’s important that they are getting between eleven and twelve hours sleep every night. Establishing a bedtime routine is therefore essential and will not only benefit your child but yourself, as a … Read more »

Biting and Behaviour

Biting is a fairly common behaviour among toddlers but as a parent it’s only natural to feel concerned, after all, you don’t really want your child to be known as the one who bites. The good news is that there … Read more »

Getting Ready for School

Starting school can be a very nerve-wracking time for both children and their parents. It’s natural for children to feel hesitant about going somewhere new and being around people they’ve never met before and similarly, it’s natural for you to … Read more »

Weekly Newsletter & Menu

Dear Parents & Carers, We hope you are well. Enclosed is coming week’s newsletter and menu. Kindly also find attached an article on television time. Have a great weekend. Kind regards, The Banana Moon Team Weekly Newsletter- 3rd August, 2015 Television … Read more »

Weekly Newsletter

Dear Parents & Carers, Enclosed is this week’s newsletter. Have a good evening. The Banana Moon Team Weekly Newsletter- 27th July, 2015