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Dear Parents & Carers, Enclosed is this week’s newsletter. Have a good evening. The Banana Moon Team Weekly Newsletter- 27th July, 2015

Using Comforters and how to wean your child off them!

Many people enter parenthood rather optimistically, thinking that their child won’t need a comforter, only to find that they become pretty useful for tackling tired tantrums and separation anxiety. Comforters can take many different forms from dummies to cuddly toys. … Read more »

How to sneak vegetables into family meals

The need to get your little ones to eat their vegetables and the desire for a peaceful dinner time is an eternal dilemma that nearly every parent faces at one time or another. Children will often refuse to try vegetables … Read more »

How beneficial is reading to a child?

We all want our children to experience the best possible education, which is why we spend so much time choosing the right schools but did you know that something as simple as reading to your child could actually boost their … Read more »

Tips for educating a toddler

Between the ages of two and four, toddlers go through the most impressionable time in their lives. It’s a period where you, as a parent, will have the power to make a positive impact on your child’s life and therefore … Read more »