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Vitamins in childhood – All you need to know

Eating the right stuff in childhood: it’s an age old battle between childhood wilfulness (or rather, unwillingness) and the wit, creativity and downright unrelenting dedication of the parent. But what’s a mum or dad to do when carrots won’t really … Read more »

Weekly Newsletter & Menu

Dear Parents & Carers, Hope you are having a restful Saturday. Enclosed is next week’s newsletter and menu. Pre-school: We request all children to bring a teddy on coming Friday for the teddy bear picnic. Weekly Newsletter – 18 January, … Read more »

Christmas fun! How to make it magical!

If you have children, Christmas time can be a particularly magical time with lots of excitement leading up to the big day. Although your children may be very excited about the gifts that the man in red might be bringing … Read more »

Car safety – Car seats and smoking in cars

Can you imagine life without your car? For many people, especially those with children, the idea of being off the road is unthinkable. Our cars have become one of the most important parts of our lives, and many people view … Read more »

How To Promote Mathematics At An Early Age Through Play

Young children are naturally inquisitive during their first 5 years and according to several researches, it is the right time to introduce mathematics to young children. Establishing a sound framework of mathematics in these early years enables young children to … Read more »

Heuristic Play For The Under 2’s

Heuristic play was identified by Elinor Goldschmeid, a child psychologist in the early 1980s. The idea behind Heuristic play rooted from the natural curiosity a young child has for its surroundings. As babies grow over time, their emotion and sensory … Read more »